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Raychem Smart Floor Heating Product Page

Why Electrical Underfloor Heating?

Comfort is everything, especially in the home. With Raychem’s smart electrical underfloor heating, you can offer a beautiful warm floor, hassle free to your customers!

Electric underfloor heating is installed close to the floor surface resulting in a quick warm up of the room. Thanks to the uniform heat distribution across the floor, it is possible to set the thermostat 2 degrees lower than usual, without any loss of comfort or warmth. It is an excellent system to provide complete room heating or to compliment the existing heating system. During spring or autumn, you can turn off the conventional heating, and keep your floors warm, comfortable, and cozy. The dog will confirm this!

Electrical underfloor heating causes less air movement, hence less dust. Another advantage can be found in the bathroom or wet rooms. Wet floors will dry much faster, rugs in the bathroom will as well and there will be less risk of mildew or mites. A dry floor is also easier to keep clean as the dust doesn’t “stick” to the floor.

Household appliances and home electronics can produce electro-magnetic fields. Raychem products emit the lowest possible electro-magnetic fields thanks to the twin wire construction.

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T2Red + T2Reflecta

The energy-efficient system
  • 20% extra energy saving through integrated insulation.
  • Even and adaptive heat distribution in floor.
  • Flexible interior design. Thanks to the self-regulating effect, there is no risk for overheating under carpets, furniture, etc.
  • Automatic self-regulating output depending on environment (more output in cold zones, less output in warm zones).
  • No measurable electro-magnetic fields.
  • Long life and maintenance free.
  • The cable can be installed under any type of floor surfaces, including temperature sensitive floors, without a risk of overheating.

Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining room, childrens’ room, conservatories:
  • Top floor: Tiles, parquet, natural stone, laminate, carpet*
  • Sub floor: Cement screed; anhydrite screed, wooden floor, gypsum board, timber floor board, asphalt screed
    *must be suitable for underfloor heating (maximum resistance to heat transfer 0,15 W/m²K)
System components
  • T2Red self-regulating heating cable
  • T2Reflecta plate:
    • With installation grooves
    • With insulation + integrated aluminum heat distribution layer
  • End plates
  • An insulated aluminium covered plate


Self-adhesive, 3 mm thick underfloor heating mat for direct installation under ceramic tiles or natural stone.
  • Only 3 mm thick!
  • One cold lead (dual wire system)
  • Ideal as direct underfloor heating for embedding in tile adhesive
    or filler underneath the top floor
  • Maximum construction height including tiles is 15 mm


Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms, conservatories:

  • Top floor: Tiles, natural stone (max. 30 mm thick)
  • Sub floor: Cement screed, anhydrite screed, wooden floor*, Gypsum board, timber floor board

* T2QuickNet-160 is not suitable for direct installation on wooden subfloors

NRG-Temp Timer Thermostat

  • Large blue illuminated display
  • Timer function, programmable each day per week in 30 minutes blocks
  • 2 selectable pre-programmes.
    (EcoH for e.g bathrooms; EcoO for e.g office building), editable by the user
  • 1 Standard program to set comfort temperatures only
  • Increased comfort due to the intelligent adaptive function: calculates when the heating is to be switched on to make
    sure that the comfort temperature is reached when required
  • Floor sensing, room sensing or room sensing including floor temperature limiter for temperature-sensitive top floors (e.g wood)

Green Leaf Thermostat

  • Automatic sensor mode selection
  • Large clear display
  • Intelligent leaf button
    - Changing from one operation mode to the other
    - Turning the thermostat ON/OFF
    - Saving changes
    - Energising the thermostat when in standby mode (motion sense technology)
  • Built-in 4 event timer function
  • 2 operation modes
    - Manual on/off program (1 temperature set-point)
    - 1 editable pre-program (4 temperature set-points per day)
  • Easy navigation
  • Work in floor sensing mode, room sensing mode and room sensing mode with floor temperature limiter

Installation of T2Red:

Installation of T2Red + T2Reflecta:

Installation of T2Blue:

Installation of T2QuickNet:

Installation of NRG-TEMP Thermostat:

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T2Red Datasheet (122KB)
T2Red + T2Reflecta Datasheet
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T2QuickNet Plus 160 Datasheet
Green Leaf Thermostat Datasheet (101KB)
NRG-Temp Timer Thermostat Datasheet
Handbook for Comfortable Warm Floors
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