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Raychem Hot Water Temperature Maintenance System

Hygiene and Comfort, Energy Efficient

The Raychem Hot Water Temperature Management System fully
satisfies the requirement of legionella (退伍軍人症) hygiene control.
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Today's hot water system requirements focus on users' comfort as well as
operational and energy savings. With this in mind, the Raychem HWAT
System keeps the hot water at the right temperature everywhere in the
building while saving energy at the same time.

Simple, Effective and Intelligent

The HWAT system ensures an abundant supply of hot water at the same temperature throughout the building
while eliminating the need for return piping. The HWAT heating cable is attached to a hot water pipe, keeping
the water at the desired temperature. The cable continuously senses the temperature of the pipes, and will
modify its heat output accordingly. Combined with the HWAT-ECO controller, HWAT is a sophisticated
temperature and energy management system. The HWAT system provides real energy savings and delivers
quality hot water.

The HWAT single pipe system - ingenius through its simplicity!

  • A heating cable attached to the single hot water pipe keeps water at the desired temperature.

  • Any heat losses from the hot water pipes are compensated for by a self-regulating temperature
    maintenance cable attached to the individual hot water pipes. As a result, the individual pipe
    temperature can be selected, up to that of the storage tank temperature.

  • The temperature of the cable adjusts at any point along the pipe dependent upon the local
    conditions on the pipe network. This means that the pipe is heated everywhere in
    proportion to how much it cools down. If hot water is flowing, the thermal output is reduced.
    The more often the hot water tap is turned on, the less the hot water temperature
    maintenance system needs to be activated.

  • The easily-programmable temperature control device HWAT-ECO monitors the boiler temperature
    and ensures that the system is used exclusively for maintaining the temperature in the pipe
    network, not for heating the water. In this way, power consumption is reduced to a minimum.

The key components of the intelligent hot water temperature maintenance system:

The cable compensates for the heat loss

The self-regulating heating cable compensates for the heat
losses and keeps the temperature at the required level.

Insulation reduces the heat loss

Pipes must be insulated with the correct thermal insulation
to maintain the desired pipe temperatures. A good thermal
insulation means:

  • Lower heat losses
  • Lower operating costs
  • Economical warm water supply requires good insulation,
    whether recirculation or single pipe systems!

    The controller for economical operation

    Programming the temperature control device HWAT-ECO
    is very easy, thanks to the building-specific software.

    Smart connection

    Connections are fast and easy with the Rayclic connection


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